"Start a business within a business...The business of Micro businesses."


Both males and females can be seen working on this 1943 airplane assembly line at the Curtiss-Wright factory.(image from Missouri History Museum U.S.A.)

As a small business ourselves we know how hard it is in the arts/design area to establish a viable sustainable enterprise.We have always  been inspired by many micro businesses that we have bought and sold with.

Increasingly though, there are many more options 'online' for both buyers/producers to choose from to facilitate sales.

At the Barracuda Studio Gallery Lifestyle Designstore, we like 'experimenting', so we buy from and  support our beloved micro businesses with local creative talent as much as is possible .

Quality and suitability;

"Lets have a chat to see if we can get on".


*  We are looking for quality locally produced and designed works that we can get behind and have that 'rapport' with you.

We are looking for quality in designers/makers ,not quantity.

We are looking for those' special ones' that we can work with and think we can help.

We can't guarantee your sales, but we can guarantee we will provide you with an online space and profile whilst you "incubate" and "experiment" with your business initiative.