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Gallery Directors : Caroline & Warren Iannello
* Official Opening was on February 4 , 2011

The Barracuda Studio Gallery was a physical space at one stage based in Fremantle in u3 & 4/56 Pakenham Street.We changed all that in December 2015...Its 2016 and times have changed and we are now focussing on developing our online business with the same 'philosophy and vision' but in the 'online' world.We will eventually have a'new' built gallery space but until then we are available 24/7 online.

Things online are a little different, but the same principles can apply.

We have as our broad aim to be a flexible online space that facilitates and promotes artists/craftspersons (and associates) in their sustainable entrepreneurial activity. The gallery/designstore encourages experimentation and the evolving of this artistic and sustainability minded spirit online and offline.

Barracuda’s brief is to respond to both the ethical commercial, retail and artistic needs of a community which depends on arts and culture to enrich, catalyse and improve the quality of the lives of those within it.

We hope to inspire a 'sense of place' and exploration in a changing world providing a 'space' for such artistic/creative exploration,purchasing,shopping and education.

We want to support, especially the local community and its artists/craftspersons,businesses.We hope also in our endeavours to see not only the local identity and community, but glimpse a bit of the vast interconnected community that we are part of online and offline internationally through our activities as a gallery and as artists.

CONTACT & Booking enquiries for exhibitions,buying,events and consignment at  https://barracuda-studio-gallery-lifestyle-designstore-fremantle.com.au    

emails; barracuda.studio.gallery@gmail.com

or dunedata@me.com

mob. 1 0408883491
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L.line 0894306606
web.  http://barracuda-studio-gallery-lifestyle-designstore-fremantle.com.au/

Other enquiries or for mail;
Dunedata Consultancy /Barracuda Studio Gallery /Lifestyle Designstore
Office; 7/31 Pakenham St. Fremantle 6160,W.A.
L/line 08 93361450

emails; barracuda.studio.gallery@gmail.com or dunedata@me.com
mob. 0408883491

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