For Buyers and Artists

If you are a buyer :

You are guaranteed personalised accountable service and responsive retail that is interested in showing you innovative ,creative works,products and services to you.

We try at all times to make ethical choices and try to always listen to what you have to say  , would like to buy, see and hear from us .

Quality, relationships and communication is important to us.What would you like to buy and see from us? Let us know.


If you are an artist:

We are always open to supporting artists in the best way we can for a mutual win.

As artists and designers and small businesses ourselves we know how difficult it can be to get a platform and outlet for your work.

We buy ,take consignments and exhibit with those artists and designers we think we can support.We are interested in presenting and showing customers the best and most innovative works that we can find.Facilitating a sustainable business model is our thing.

So if you have a proposal or idea, drop us a line or contact us, and we can see what we can do.