Micro Business and the arts

Warren Iannello

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Get the business basics right
'Make sure you set up systems, particularly financial systems, in the early stages of operating your business. It’s not worth getting caught out.'
Adam Ferrante, Rose St Artist's Market

Street Art versus Mall art

Warren Iannello

Tags mural art, popularity, street art

What is and has street art become with its intensive growth in both,scale,attention and costs required to develop for both the gallery and large scale mural design.Has all the attention been good for this aspect of the visual arts?

Video Play Promo for BSG

Warren Iannello

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Voice Promo Video play For Barracuda Studio Gallery

Warren Iannello

 PR and profiling on video could be a quick and easy option for promotional purposes.Just tried out one of the so called free options by Adobe...and interesting fun results.