Face coverings/ face mask

Face coverings /face mask


Custom printed Cotton Sateen Face Coverings

Designs by Western Australian artist Warren Iannello,Fremantle .

Keep up with our changing world with 100% cotton custom printed face coverings!

Complete with a stainless steel nose piece, filter pocket and soft fabric elastics, these 200 thread count cotton sateen face coverings are here to give you a little more peace of mind. Printed with permanent reactive inks, you can feel confident washing them over and over without fear of fading. Stay safe and stylish with custom printed cut and sew face coverings.


  • 100% cotton icon

    Made from our soft and satiny 200 thread count 100% cotton sateen

  • Multiple sizes icon

    Available in 3 youth and 4 adult sizes to suit a variety of face shapes

  • Filter icon

    Internal pocket to accommodate a filter of your choice

  • Adjustment features icon

    Stainless steel adjustable nose piece and soft fabric ear ties

  • Ink Icon

    Printed with permanent reactive inks that won’t washout or fade away

Filters available 

PM2.5 Filters

PM2.5 filters filter out particles that are as small as 2.5 microns. Virus particles are even smaller than 2.5 microns. However by including a filter in your mask, whether it is a PM2.5 filter or another filter, you are adding extra layers of protection to your cloth face covering. Each of the PM2.5 filters are made of 5 layers of cloth, including two layers of meltblown cloth and one layer of activated carbon cloth to provide excellent filtration. Typically used to prevent the inhalation of air pollution particulates, PM2.5 can help increase effectiveness of non-medical face coverings.

• PM2.5 filters are not equivalent to N95 masks. N95 masks capture 95% of airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns. PM2.5 filters capture particles matter larger than 2.5 microns.

• PM2.5 filters can be used continuously for 16-24 hours, or for 1-2 weeks when used occasionally.

• Sold in packages of 2.










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