Customise,Commission and Consult

Hopefully on seeing many of the artworks presented it will give you buying ideas and ideas for further customisations which you may want us to put into action for you or you may alternatively have a project that you are undertaking that you may want us to consult to you on.We have reasonable hourly rates and ideas to burn(we use our thinking caps a lot)seriously though... why not drop us a line and see what we can do?

We are only too happy to give you an ear and see where we can help you.Speak soon.

Our services, interests and experience are broad.From arts commissions,customisations to  Community development,sustainability,public arts,personal and group facilitation,coaching in the arts and personal development,internet based training and development,face to face name it... we can give it a go.!

We do what we like...and we like what we do!