Courses; Face to Face (F2F) and Online

We are always evolving and so part of our time is spent thinking up ways of delivering our unique arts and other experience/learning via either short, face to face onsite or remotely delivered courses, ...tailored to our audience. We are also developing more ways of delivering to our clients via online means. (as is appropriate...we have a little experience in this area! )

So keep up to date and have a look here, or drop us a line if you are interested in any of our offerings... or might have a suggestion for what you might want delivered...we are only too happy to customise for you, or assist you in 'your' endeavours .

We do tutoring,facilitation and coaching...for a price of course...but don't let that stop you.

Drop us a line and we can see what we can do to help.!

Stay Tuned!