"Deckards View" - Hong Kong Central from Kowloon



"My name is 'Bosco' and I have been taking photographs since 1998, the year I received my first SLR film based camera. The passion I've had for photography has manifested in many different ways over the years and finally I have settled on big bold urban and natural landscapes. An early influence for my photograph style is the classic Ridley Scott film, Blade Runner, with its hot steamy streets, neon lights and details that hide a certain darkness. I recently went to Hong Kong which has allowed me to get close to the feeling I'm chasing...."

Image Story

"What do you do when 100 people around you are taking wide angle photographs of the most beautiful cityscape on Earth? You do the opposite, zoom in with a 400mm lens and try to stop the camera shaking because of a rumbling ferry nearby...." Image is on professionally printed canvas and 160 x 100cm.Construction is as detailed in image gallery.


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